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It was May 11, 2011 when I arrived Bangalore, Karnataka. Landing in this alien city from North Bharat which I was part of since my birth is like landing in a foreign land. When I say “foreign land” I am literally trying to justify my statement.  Because, people here would prefer communicating in English with a non-Kannadiga than in Hindi.

Well, this was not the only surprise that I came across. There were several which I will write in the due course of my several blogs which I intend to write. So, now that I was in a new city with limited set of friends who were distance apart from place where I lived. Every day, my routine was to to wake up at 4:30 a.m. and get ready for office, arrive office at 6 a.m. , work until 2:30 p.m. and then I had enough time to fool around in the vicinity. Watch TV or go out and eat junk.

Few week passed in adjusting with Bangalore weather and then few more passed in setting up my place. By then it was so monotonous that I use to sleep in the afternoon and spent time watching TV and movies in the theaters. In 8 weeks of time I felt too lazy to do anything but to eat sleep and work. A typical Bangalore IT-guy feeling started seeping inside me.  I started gaining weight and felt as if I have no other work but to eat sleep and be merry by watching TV. The good thing that I never tasted liquor in my whole life, else I would have turned drunkard by then, because many of my friend said, Bangalore weather is like heaven for having a peg or two every evening because it is always around 18 degrees centigrade after 6 in the evening.

On July 22, 2011 after I finished my work at office, I came back home and put on the television. The first channel on which I stopped at, was playing movie Ghazini. I watched the movie for an hour or so and started thinking how these actors are so dedicated towards their fitness. Why don’t we as regular Bhartiya ever think of having a muscular and a healthy body. I kept thinking about this idea of having a fit body for a very long time and yet never had a change to implement it. Though I have never been an obese or for that matter an unfit person all my life. I had always indulged myself in one or another physical activity. Be it playing cricket, or running odd kilometers every now and then.

Anyways, I kept thinking about how these actors invest so much of energy in being fit. why not me ! I finally came to a conclusion that these people are paid to be fit and look charming(Which by the way I can never look in this life ). But I can be fit, not for others but for myself. I read few articles on how metabolism goes down after you reach 30. How the food that we eat affects our body in the longer run. How it affects our brain and how it slows us down over the period of time. I also researched the new trends of IT guys suffering from heart attack at a very young age because of their absurd work routine.

On July 29, 2011, I decided that from here on I will not lead an unhealthy life. I will try to eat clean food and I will make sure that I change my life by following a routine that leads me to a better health for a longer run. I released that am not afraid of death, what I was afraid of was dying with some decease that would stop me from doing my daily work. That would not let me eat what I want, a decease that would take away my life while I still alive. I pledge to myself, henceforth I shall try to live a healthy lifestyle .

Now the question was, HOW? from where to start, I had no acquaintance who could help me in my goal. I knew myself very well that if I will not act now, I will loose my motivation and the thought will remain a thought for another such revelation. So the first thing I did in the morning – went to the closest gym I had in the vicinity and paid for the yearly subscription. Half the job was done because money is one of the biggest driving force in everyone’s mind. Since it was a hefty sun of money, so now I made a commitment to myself that I wont waste it.

The next thing which I thought is to give incentive to my decision. I went straight to Nike Store and bought one the expensive shoe what I could afford at the moment. Grabbed few running shirts and shorts and I was good to go. This is how I looked when I started my journey of fitness

October 2011, The unfit me

My gym trainer was Christopher, he is a short guy with great moves when it comes to dancing. Initially he gave me very stupid regime for cardio – cardio – cardio. I was sweating on treadmill, then on cycle, then further over cross trainer. But nothing changed in 4 weeks. I had read and saw many great transformation stories over internet and this was disheartening that I was not able to reduce an inch from my belly. My waist was 34 and the tummy was defying my trouser’s buttons.

The first goal which I set for my body was to get back in those 32 inches trouser and it looked as if I was going to fail. My PBF (Percentage Body Fat) was 29% when I started and it just went down to 26% by September, 2011. I released that something is not going right and that something I was not sure of. I discussed with my trainer and read many articles and everyone was talking about the eating right and clean.

I got a lengthy diet chart which at first glance looked impossible to follow. But then – desperate times.. desperate measures …

I pulled up myself and tried to follow what was required. Initially, it felt too much to eat because I was eating 5-6 times a day and the food was taste less. I switched to soups, salads, boiled chicken, cereals and protein shakes and lots of leafy vegetables.

I cut down (stopped eating sugar, potatoes, rice and saturated fats) on carb and sugar and gradually my effort paid off. My body fat came down to 18% and the body weight to 68 Kgs.

In the  mean while I met Salil Shankar at my gym. The first conversation that I had with him was about the way he ran on tread mill. He use to run 10-15 kms on treadmill without even taking a break. I was impressed to see his effort and I thought lets try this. Later, he introduced me to Vivek Chandmauli, Ankush Sharma and Tim Tim Sharma (The siblings) who were also running enthusiast. Right after one year, I participated in my first 10 km run in the month of August 2012.

My first 10k with Salil Shankar, Vivek Chandamauli, Ankush and Tim Tim Sharma

Since then I have participated in various runs including my first ever international Marathon at BsAs(Buenos Aires, Argentina) in 2013 where I was the only Indian who participated, TCS 10Ks, Airtel Delhi Half Marathons, Banagalore Mid-Night Half Marathon, etc …

Since then, my body responded well with these changes in my life style and the work out regime I was following. on August 03, 2015 I hit the dream PBF of all time which was 7.9%

My dream PBF 7.9%

The picture below shows the various stages of body fitness


October 03, 2016

December 02,2016

Off course, like every fitness enthusiast, I would love to have a ripped and so called six pack body. I am no different than others. I have been trying to reach that level but since I am a big foodie and I often fall off from my diet regime. after all I am an Indian who loved to have chicken tandoori, and all sorts of spicy and fried stuff. But that is alright as long as I bounce back from junk eating to my regular low carb, no fat and high protein diet.

At present I am at 18% PBF, and I have started my 2017 fitness transformation, at present I have gained 3.5 Kgs from my ideal weight of 68 Kgs. My current goal is to come back to 68Kgs and 10% PBF by February 28, 2017. I will keep posting my fitness stories. If any one has any question I would be more than happy to answer. Though I am not an expert, but still I would like to help those who want to switch from fat to fit. Let me know if this post helps or inspires by any means.

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  2. Krishna Saw

    Hello Abhishek,
    Very inspirational article !!!
    Your dedication and hard work definitely inspires individual like me.
    Well done and best of luck on your set target.

  3. Ratnakar

    Hey buddy,
    Nicely written and very motivating.It shows that the biggest desire to get fit comes from inside.There is no bigger pleasure than to have a healthy body because in a healthy body resides a healthy mind.I ve few doubts which I shall clarify with you during the due course of time.

  4. Glad to see such a nice and real artical. In my case i am very lazy kind of person. So is there any way without any work out only balanced diet and some yoga could help.

  5. Amit Dhiman

    This is really nice work. All the best for your future achievements.

  6. Arti Tiwari

    Motivation, dedication & commitment is what can help anyone in her lifestyle. You are live example of that. Truly inspiration. After following your run post and increased no. of (kilometers) KM 🙄😇 It inspired me to work even more harder. 💪🙌 GOD Bless! Keep shining and inspiring 💞

  7. Amit singh Bhadauriya

    tell me to calculate PBF without. I have only measuring tape.
    Is it possible to come out pdf with that.

  8. Ankit Trikha

    Dedication and Inspirational! Perfect words to describe this transformation…

  9. How to bring bf % down ? Does age factor count for that? If one doesn’t lift too heavy is it possible to bring it down ?

    I use the bathroom scale to check my bf% , I have slight idea that it may not be accurate , considering the fact it’s +\-5% error how do I start working on to bring from 27% to 20% that’s my goal.

    • Use this link to read on how to kick start the fat loss and increase in building muscle… I will try to bring q quick start guide for all of you who wants to know what I follow .

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