खसखस का हलवा (Poppy Seed Halwa)


  1. Khas-Khas (100 gms)
  2. Badam (Almonds) – 50 gms
  3. Kaju (Cashew) – 50 gms
  4. Akhroot (Walnut) – 50 gms
  5. Kish-Mish (Raisins) – 50 gms
  6. Cheeni (Sugar) – As per taste
  7. Desi -Ghee (Clarified Butter) – 75 gms
  8. Doodh (Milk) – 150 ml
  9. Elaichi – 5-6 nos.


  1. Soak Khas-khas in a small bowl. Make sure that entire Khas-khas is soaked well for 1 hour in water.
  2. Course grind all the dry nuts


After an hour, grind the Khas-Khas in grinder and make rough paste out of it. If required, add some milk. When your paste is ready, add Ghee in the pan and let it heat for a while. Once the Ghee melts in the pan, add Elaichi to it. After, 2-3 minutes once the Elaichi starts emitting its aroma, add the paste of Khas-Khas to it.

Now, your job is simple and easy. Stir it on a low flame till the paste separates with Ghee. Now, add dry nut powder which you have prepared during the preparation phase and stir the mixture for another 5-6 minutes till it blends well. Add 100 ml of milk in the pan and cook the mixture till the entire paste converts into a semi-liquid paste.

Add Cheeni to the halwa as per your taste and stir the mixture for few more minutes. Now the Halwa is ready to be served. You may garnish the Halwa as shown in the picture with dry nuts and raisins.

Khas-Khas Halwa

Thats it . Enjoy your Halwa!!!

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