Road trip to Chennai – MahaBaliPuram – Pondicherry

My new year horoscope told me that this year is going to be full of adventure and travel. Well I am and was not sure about adventure but the only thing which I was damn sure was – Travel. My new year stated with my road trip to Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu, which was very successful. I covered three cities (Madurai, Thanjavour) including Rameshwaram. Well, I will talk about it later in another post. This post is all about my long weekend trip to Chennai – ManabaliPuram- Pondicherry.

The reason I am writing this travel post first – I wanted to share my way of road trip. On various instances people ask me, what kind of job I am into which gives me so much of money and free time to travel so much. So I thought why not tell them the secret about my travel itinerary. In this post I shall describe how I make my travel plans and how I make my accommodation bookings that too in my super economical way.

So the first rule of my travel plan is – THERE IS NO RULE.  🙂

When ever I travel within India.. I never make prior plans for visiting listed places in my itinerary. I just make plan to reach a place of my choice. This time it was Pondicherry. So now that I had a place in my mind, all I had to choose was a mode of transportation. I choose my super cool UP16X**** Ford Fiesta. The reason I choose my car is because we were three. Normally I prefer train or bus when I am travelling nearby places (in the range of 400-600kms). But since I was with my friends, it is more economical to travel with your own vehicle.

So we started off to Pondicherry, at 6 AM (though I would have like to start at 2 AM to avoid any traffic chaos). But since I was with my super lazy friend so had to take him into consideration. We drove for an hour or so and all of us felt hungry. We stopped at one of the highway plaza and had our breakfast.

Since I am not very much into speed driving, I make sure that I drive within the permissible limits which makes me a slow driver. We took a longer route as we had to drop one of our friend to her home in Chennai. So we decided to

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